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  1. The company STYLE PLUS s.r.o. is an operator of internet pages and in accordance with Act no. 121/2000 Coll. (Copyright Act) it is entitled to execute property rights to these internet pages and their content.
  2. All pictures, photos, graphics, animations, multimedia files and texts placed onto this web page are copyright or trade mark protected.
  3. Copyright rights to photos, pictures, graphics, animations or other multimedia files and texts marked © STYLE PLUS is executed by the company STYLE PLUS s.r.o..
  4. Any use of parts or whole, reproduction, distribution or other way of making the content of web pages available (namely photos, graphics, pictures, animations) in any way (mechanical or electronical without prior written consent of the company STYLE PLUS s.r.o. is forbidden.
  5. In case of interest to use content of the web pages, please contact the company STYLE PLUS s.r.o., Moravská 1259, 570 01 Litomyšl, phone.: +420 464 603 553, e-mail:
  6. Any intervention into the content or technical bases of internet pages without prior consent of the operator is forbidden. 
  7. The operator is not responsible for content of internet pages of the third subjects that can be visited by the medium of The operator does not bear any responsibility for advertisement, event. other form of promotion performed by the third person by the medium of the operator's internet pages
  8. In case of discovery of unauthorized use of protected content of the operator's internet pages by the third person, relevant legal measures will be adopted in order to protect the operator's rights, including  staking the claim for damage compensation, unjustified enrichment or appropriate compensation. 
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